Gluten Free Menu

Gluten Free & Health Conscious Menu

Lindora "Lean for Life" Certified
Maximum Calories 513 - Maximum Carbohydrates 58


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Kale Ravioli

3 oz. Kale & mozzarella filled raviolis with a mango coulis

Calories: 169 Carbohydrates: 30


4 oz. Steamed salmon with fresh lemon juice

Calories: 140 Carbohydrates: 2


Mixed Greens

4 oz. Mixed greens dressed with balsamic vinegar

Calories: 17 Carbohydrates: 5


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Chicken Breast

4 oz. Poached chicken breast presented with a dijon mustard sauce

Calories 245 Carbohydrates: 12

Petite Filet

4.5 oz Oven roasted petite filet mignon served with dijon mustard sauce

Calories 287 Carbohydrates: 12


4 oz. Baked whitefish served in a lightly spicy sauce of japanese peppers

Calories 239 Carbohydrates: 12


Fresh Seasonal Berries

½ Cup fresh seasonal berries

Calories: 40 Carbohydrates: 11


Plus Tax and Gratuity

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